What’s in a Click? All about Pay Per Click and Google Adwords

Pay Per Click Services in UAE

In this digital day and age, the internet has become a vital part of everyone’s life. That’s why it’s all the more important to ensure the visibility of your website. In today’s market, you want your website to gain visibility over your competitors. Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC Campaigns is one of the most reliable ways to engage audiences and in turn to gain more quality leads that are converted into customers.

     We, at Einten Technologies, have been helping several businesses to reach higher conversion rates through our PPC Campaign management. We handle complete research before any start to the ads to make sure of the success of your business’s PPC campaign.

What is PPC?

     Pay Per Click Campaigns are the paid advertisements that are featured on a search engine result listing. PPC ads are different than other SEO marketing techniques is the ROI which is gained by the campaign. PPC Campaigns are only charged based on the number of clicks. (you pay only when a visitor or customer reaches your website through the ad) PPC Advertising provides an excellent ROI (Return On Investment) if the campaign is structured effectively.

     For advertisements to become visible on a search engine (AKA Search Engine Results Page), businesses cannot just pay additionally to make sure their ads will appear more significantly than their competitor’s ads. Ads are subject to “Ad Auction”, which is an automated process that the major search engines that are used to find the relevance and validity of ads that appear in the SERP.

Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is an advertising system run by Google where advertisers bid on certain keywords so their clickable ads appear in Google search results. Google makes advertising possible since advertisers must pay for these clicks. Einten Technologies provides PPC Services and Google Ad Services in Cochin, Kerala. Our team of experienced digital marketing professionals has years of experience in dealing with all forms of PPC ad campaigns and providing quality performance. You can expect expert PPC Solutions by Einten Technologies.